Welcome Note

CHALANTIKA JUBO SOCIETY (CJS) is seemed to be the pioneer of poverty eradication in the south and is launched the best social service at the coastal area’ people. It is local non- governmental organization. CHALANTIKA JUBO SOCIETY is a non-government and non-profit making voluntary organization. It has been working since 2004 for developing the lives of poor young people in southern areas of Bangladesh. Even after 45 years of independence, the nation is yet to see the fulfillment of the dreams of sacred freedom fighter. They Conquered sovereignty, they dreamt for a heavenly Greenland and this holy land will raise thousand tender souls. They will make the land greener than green. It is possible and only possible by the young generation of this country. To make the dream true, we need to strengthen the young generation of our country. Believing this motto, we, CHALANTIKA JUBO SOCIETY, have started our journey in 2004 by the initiatory step of 23 people, which was like a small family. Now the member of this family has extended around 35,000. Still we are toiling to prepare the country for the fulfillment of dream that had been dreamt by the martyrs.

The Chairman



Over the decades our nation has been trying to elevate our socio-economic condition and thereby our government and non-government organizations have been working promisingly. Even our country has so many NGOs to work for development of this third world nation but very few have been able to contribute in the true meaning. The very first program is aimed to eradicate poverty with money by which the poor people can change their status of living and increase their productive income. Under considering those primary issues of our education system a new scheme has been launched by Chalantika Jubo society to put up whole education policy in south-west region. This organization has just not only introducing a new door of education but giving a challenge to the learner to have a bright future that they deserve. “Health is wealth” having this motto, Chalantika Jubo society has promoted health assisting program. By increasing health awareness and supporting primary treatment, this organization has spread their name and fame in south zone of Khulna. Service to the poor disabled people is one of the programs of Chalantika Jubo society. It is highly noticeable that it is our organization which is only considering disabled and physically handicapped poor people who need altruistic hand. Chalantika is thus a name of public spirited organization. We are sure that we will endeavor all success in every respect of our aim and effort to the mass people of Bangladesh.

Md. Khabiruzzaman

Executive Director




It is a great pleasure of me to be a part of Chalantika Jubo Society as it intends to help the mass people in true meaning. Chalantika works as a huge support for the upbringing of socioeconomic condition of south east region. It provides financial as well as educational support to the needed people. We are in the age of development of living standard. We have most beneficial as well as effective programs that have given the way to reach in the mass. We never do false promise but devote our people to do their best effort for mass. Now, we can access the best to produce the very best. The notion of efficiency that has been engraved in all of us has been made possible due to their honesty and endeavor. This is what we need to nurture and promote in our society as well.

Md. Sarwar Hossain
Executive Director,