Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives

Vision, mission, goals and objectives:

Vision: Our Vision is ensuring every poor people advancement by empowering themselves through our development activities in context of rural areas of Bangladesh.

Mission: To alleviate poverty of poor rural peoples, make them self-employed through the best use of resources and technologies, aware them about their rights, managing them from natural and coastal disasters and ensuring their own participation in different constructive development initiatives to ensure dignified lives.

Goal: To improve the quality of life of the vulnerable peoples and the improve underprivileged community as a whole with emphasis to poverty alleviation, education, human rights, disaster management, health, disability and environmental protect.


  • To mobilize the disadvantaged people through information, education and awareness rising with a view to improve their lot.
  • To provide first-rate information, guild line and support services to the rural people
  • To provide, basic health, education to the working & street children development rural people.
  • To provide assistance to child education, health, nutrition, sanitation, income generation and employment skill development training program for improving the quality of life of the people uncared for.
  • To raise awareness on climate change and to grow consciousness on the importance of agriculture and forestation in the largest mangrove forest of the Sunder bans.
  • Train up to the rural people, their own services.
  • Emergency Disaster Management.
  • Awareness Buildup Mouali, Bawall & Fisheries about their guild line and support services to the rural people.