Social Activities

In Bangladesh the NGOs have come into view as the saviour of immeasurable number of people without food, cloth, education and basic health facilities. Bangladesh is one of the top underprivileged countries. With the record of being the most densely populated country on earth and feeble manpower competency, Bangladesh is facing massive challenge to meet up the demand of her ever-increasing population. Although agriculture sector is the main source of income for this rural-agro based country, unfortunately this sector has completely failed to create rewarding employment opportunity for the landless. Considering these overall situations, CHALANTIKA JUBO SOCIETY is working on poverty eradication by directly involving the poverty stricken population. Their target groups are basically the poor and vulnerable ones with hardly any possessions. Their main tasks are to organize these people, create awareness in them and make them development oriented. The organization is working based on the assessed need and demand of the grass root level farmers and women. By involving the beneficiaries directly, they are working within the context of southern area of Bangladesh. Now it is spreading its activity from Southern to all over Bangladesh. CJS is also involved in the context of socio economic programs.