Renewable Energy

New project of Chalantika Jubo Society has been coming into light. From now on, every camp of Chalantica Jubo Society renewable energy product and service is available. Chalantika Solar Power supplies the eco-friendly alternative method to obtain strength people to folks within countryside Bangladesh who reside in off-grid places. The facility grid in which supplies the maximum percentage associated with energy within Bangladesh up to now does not deal with every area in the nation. There are numerous countryside places, which can be nevertheless, not really connected to everyone power and thus, no matter value, energy is unavailable to many people folks within these places. As a result, the particular influenced areas will have to limit many of their pursuit’s people-to-people several hours in the evening using sunny days. Chalantika Solar Power originally offered an elementary offer associated with solar power, in a position to supply electric power for two main brought about light bulbs, allowing parents to supply their day and also children to lengthen them examine period.