Press & Publications

CJS have another way of assisting the communities, we are launching a daily local, is named by “The Daily Khulnanchal”. Newspapers are one the oldest source of information regarding current events before the invention of radio, television and the internet. It has a huge influence in people’s opinions and ideas.

Starting from the freedom fight of our nation, newspaper had played a major role in the awakening of common man. As the result of that our nation got independence. In today’s world, newspaper act as centralized chain to spread about what is happening all around. It enlightens people about the crisis situations which help them to be prepared and take all the preventive actions needed. It also makes the common people aware of the economy of the nation and helps public to know about their elected leaders.

There is a great saying that the pen is more powerful than the sword so newspaper plays an important role in developing the opinion, either positive or negative, in the society.